Black Wolf
A wolf-like enemy. Its official name is unknown. There are a few types of them. They are first encountered in Sheerdrop Spire.

Normal wolvesEdit

Wolves are often fought in packs. They will usually leap at you, the rest running around waiting for their turn.

If you chain their head, they will charge at you, forcing you to dodge. attacking them with the weapons is advised.

Thunder wolvesEdit

This species is always encountered in a group of three.

This species will try to surround you, before creating a field of electricity in between them. When they are unable to surround you they will do the same leap attack, but they will be surrounded in electricity, dealing more damage than normal wolves. These wolves will still attempt to zap you even when you have defeated one, but instead of a triangle of electricity you only must avoid a line.



Dripping FleshBeast flesh(if pulled out:body)

Beast fang / Beast flesh(if pulled out:head)

Beast fang / Tough pelt (if attacked)


Dripping Flesh / Beast flesh(if pulled out:body)

Dripping Flesh /Beast fang(if pulled out:head)

Lump of metal / Tough pelt (if attacked)

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