【caution】Today's topic is extremely trivial things, and a little spoiler

Pandora's tower has been released in several countries and variable subtitles in different languages are available to use in this game.

I 'm a little curious about it so I checked them. I think that the Spanish names looks so cool, even I don't know how pronounce them.

English Italiano Español Deutsch 日本語
Thirteen Towers Le Tredici Torri Trece Torres Die Dreizehn Türme 十三訃塔
Treetop Tower Torre Alberata Torre Arbórea Laubschattenturm 大樹の塔
Sheerdrop Spire Vetta a Strapiombo Obelisco Lapídeo Klammsaule 岩壁の塔
Wellspring steeple Torre della Sorgente Torre Fontana Quellsteinwacht 湧水の塔
Crimson Keep Torrione Rosso Guarida Escarlata Blutfried 紅蓮の塔
Ironclad Turret Torretta Corozzata Torre Férrea Eherne Mauern 鍛鉄の塔
Arcadian Tower Torre d'Arcadia Torre Arcadia Arkadischer Turm 深緑の塔
Rockshard Rampart Bastione Roccioso Torreón Pétreo Splitterfelsturm 隆岩の塔
Torrent Peak ??? Torre Tormenta Sturzbachspitze 湍流の塔
Blazing Citadel ??? Cuidadela Ardiente Lodernde Zinnen 業火の塔
Truegold Tower ??? Torre Áurea Aurumwacht 精金の塔
Dawn Tower ??? Torre del Alba Morgengrauenturm 曙光の塔
Dusk Tower ??? Torre del Ocaso Abendsternturm 宵闇の塔
Centrum ??? La Columna Herz 万象の塔

(Sorry I can't find some Italian names)

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