Now I'm trying to translate lyrics for Catenae fortunae.

But The work is not progressing at all. It's all,ancient Aiosian to me : (

However, it seems to me that I heard some meaningful words in the Boss music.

I added up my translate here, please point out if there are any other particular points.
(Please note that this translation is just guesswork)

Boss music

This is the beginning of the Boss theme (Female type), "arbor summam(?) terra aqua alubm(?) tene(?) ferrus" means "Wood, collect, Earth, Water, White, hold, Metal".

Oh no, it's not clear what this passage means yet. But I think that this sentence means Master's elements. However, I can't find "flame" in this sentence. Sigh...

【Today's trivia】 The titles of the musics I could find

1.Catenae fortunae (Main theme)
2.Eternal Blessing (the second main theme)
3.Repose (used as a theme for the Observatory when Elena is fine)
4.The brutal dance of Servant Beasts (used as a theme for fighting against Servant beasts)
5.Mavda, mia bella (used as a theme for Mavda)
6.The voice from dark abyss (Masters theme,3types)
7.Requiem for Zeron (Maybe... this?

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