I  finished (?) translating the lyrics for Zeron's final form theme, "Requiem for Zeron".

Please don't be mad at me if there are mistakes in this translation...

(Note: Again, this lyrics is NOT official and I used a forced interpretation for some words. I hope you will be able to think of these unnatural sentences with an open mind )

[ Lyrics in Latin ]

Anima palma maiora serva me
Anima palma maiora serva me

(Mundiens credire?)
(Umbrae si?) mors ex nostrae malae

Aaudite fortune catenae fortunae

[ Translation ]

The soul, the great palm of  hands, save me 
The soul, the 
great palm of  hands, save me 

purification is believing

(shadow or)the death from our vice

listen to fortune, with chain of fortune

(Added) Jan. 10. 2015 Some kind person corrected my translation. Splendid!

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