It's been nearly a year since we begun to translate lyrics for "Catenae Fortunae".

Unfortunately I'm not really an expert about Latin language so it was not going very well.

However, some kind person told me their suggestion and filled in blanks.

but some words are undeciphered till now...

Anyone who know much about Latin? I would appreciate if someone fix words.

(words in parentheses are an unclear)

"Catenae Fortunae"

Sex luces, sex umbræ, duodecim gratiæ omnes

Sex iræ (gladii sunt) ah ah ah ah

(Ubique) lumina dominam tangunt

(viri) vigos fervere aiunt 

(mafu ru scire est pro fundo sum nullo)

(umbrus scire) pauci (recte) 

Anima palma maiora serva me

præ miseria extingure me

Cur (brilles) corda crescit

Audite fortunæ… 

Audite fortunæ, Catenæ Fortunæ! 

Sex luces, sex umbræ, duodecim gratiae omnes

(pauci et gladii sunt) ah ah ah ah

(fossor undo orsus)

accedere (bellam)

innocentam catenam



(Tlanslate into English)

six lights, six shadows, are the twelve graces"

here are six (blades) of anger 

(where) lights touched the master   

(people say)the strength come


(unknown)(rule)is slightly

the spirit, save me with your the palm of the great hand

before unfortunate extinguish me

why  (brilliant) arise from my soul

listen to the fortune

listen to the fortune, the chain of the fortune 

six lights, six shade, here on twelve grace

(here on a small sword)

(arise, wave surge, begin)

(the beauty)get closer

innocent chain


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