In my country,  November 22nd is called "good couples's day" . So I recommend this official art today. This drawing was appeared in a magazine on June 2012, and an illustrator contributed to this magazine's article. According to his comment, his most favorite art was  Elena wearing a Furisode (a kind of Kimono).
(on this year this magazine published Pandora's tower arts every month and there were 9 arts in total. )

And one more, there was Mavda's congratulatory message to Aeron and Elena in this article, too.
I tried to translatelate her message. I am happy if you are satisfied.
(I beg you will excuse my clumsy translation)

・Message from Mavda and Old man for Aeron and Elena

"Oh dear, you are all dressed up today, aren't you?
I remember our young days. Well, my dear fellow was more handsome, heh heh heh!

I'll tell you, Elena. If you live together now and forever , lead the way and support Aeron, with a firm resolution
as carry him on your back.
And then, Aeron, you have to make more of an effort to voice your thoughts.
Don't depend on Elena every time. You should firmly protect her."

"Uh-huh, That's a good thing to say, my dear!
Aeron, Elena, keep in your mind that words.
And now... Oh, I almost forgot!We're sending a wedding present for you.
Look, so pretty pot, isn't it?  we chose it that enough for Aeron. You ought to thank us.

Finally, we send the Vestrians congratulations words to you.
"May your bonds be filled with brightness"

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