Recenty, I saw the website for "The Sea of Monsters" movie on the internet.
It looked so interesting because I like the Greek mythology (except some tragic stories in it).

That reminds me, in the Pandora's tower,
there are some words derived from foreign mythology includes Ancient Greek.
As you know, somehow many words were changed when this game was localized.

I made a list for these changed words as I know.

・Imperia→The Graecia continent
・The Vestra→The Dvergr
・Oraclos Chain→Orichalcum Chain

(these words aren't come from the Ancient  mythology but I added them for now)

・In the Aeron's flashback  before going to Crimson Keep , Aeron said "is this ... ...paradise?"
but in the original, Aeron said "is this ... ...Valhalla ?"
(However, it's not the word in the Greek mythology, "Valhalla" come form the Norse mythology)

Let me know if you have any other informations : )


・The ancinet Masters and recent Masters are written with the  same character and different  pronunciation in the JP version.

The masters (50 years ago)→"主" (Algi)
The masters (500 years ago)→"主" (Shu)

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