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    Help wanted

    January 10, 2015 by Tranquilla

    It's been nearly a year since we begun to translate lyrics for "Catenae Fortunae".

    Unfortunately I'm not really an expert about Latin language so it was not going very well.

    However, some kind person told me their suggestion and filled in blanks.

    but some words are undeciphered till now...

    Anyone who know much about Latin? I would appreciate if someone fix words.

    (words in parentheses are an unclear)

    "Catenae Fortunae"

    Sex luces, sex umbræ, duodecim gratiæ omnes

    Sex iræ (gladii sunt) ah ah ah ah

    (Ubique) lumina dominam tangunt

    (viri) vigos fervere aiunt 

    (mafu ru scire est pro fundo sum nullo)

    (umbrus scire) pauci (recte) 

    Anima palma maiora serva me

    præ miseria extingure me

    Cur (brilles) corda crescit

    Audite fortunæ… 

    Audite fortunæ, Catenæ Fortunæ! 

    Sex l…

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  • Tranquilla

    The trophy has comming!

    December 19, 2014 by Tranquilla

    Cool. I like this.

    I'm happy because Sakurai haven't forgotten them even now.

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  • Tranquilla

    This is an official art.

    But...where on earth did they bring that Christmas tree and ornaments? In the Observatory??

    Well... I don't quibble over details. Anyway, have a good day!

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  • Tranquilla

    Happy wedding

    November 23, 2013 by Tranquilla

    In my country,  November 22nd is called "good couples's day" . So I recommend this official art today. This drawing was appeared in a magazine on June 2012, and an illustrator contributed to this magazine's article. According to his comment, his most favorite art was  Elena wearing a Furisode (a kind of Kimono).
    (on this year this magazine published Pandora's tower arts every month and there were 9 arts in total. )

    And one more, there was Mavda's congratulatory message to Aeron and Elena in this article, too.
    I tried to translatelate her message. I am happy if you are satisfied.
    (I beg you will excuse my clumsy translation)

    ・Message from Mavda and Old man for Aeron and Elena

    "Oh dear, you are all dressed up today, aren't you?
    I remember our young…

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  • Tranquilla

    Change Notes

    November 4, 2013 by Tranquilla

    Recenty, I saw the website for "The Sea of Monsters" movie on the internet.
    It looked so interesting because I like the Greek mythology (except some tragic stories in it).

    That reminds me, in the Pandora's tower,
    there are some words derived from foreign mythology includes Ancient Greek.
    As you know, somehow many words were changed when this game was localized.

    I made a list for these changed words as I know.

    ・Imperia→The Graecia continent
    ・The Vestra→The Dvergr
    ・Oraclos Chain→Orichalcum Chain

    (these words aren't come from the Ancient  mythology but I added them for now)

    ・In the Aeron's flash…

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