Stuck at 97%

    September 24, 2013 by LORD SADDLER

    So i've got all the endings, all text, and I'm at 97%. I think that the only thing that I'm missing is probably the first "on top of the observatory" cutscene (that is if it's not the one where Elena and Aeron do the Aios promise on top of the observatory). Even so I don't think that it could make me reach 100%

    Currently my affinity is grade A, 7/10 I think. I've actually unlocked another extra scene breaking the first chain of a tower while Elena was transformed, but that didn't add anything to the overall %. Any idea what I should do?

    Probably I should get max affinity, but I discovered that old wood isn't grindable (only one and that's it) and stacking money is awfully boring.

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