Hello all. To get started, here's something I made based on a similarity I noticed in the Artbook a while ago, a Master and a certain meme.

Like a Master

Anyone else notice this similarity, or am I crazy, delusional, and insane?

Anyway, the main thing I've been thinking about recently is how we can improve the wiki. I've been looking around various wikis for new main page ideas, as well as considering any possible changes to the theme. I've noticed some pretty fancy headings, like at Mass Effect Wiki, but they seem pretty complex. Other than that, my main ideas for the Main page consist of a two column layout where each column is the same size, even if just for two sections. I think that that would be suitable for having the Featured Article and Featured Media next to each other. As for the theme, I am well aware that only I can edit it.

So my question is, are there any ideas you guys have that we could add? I am not entirely certain that the theme is brilliant, as I just chose some dark colours which aren't really related to the game, and I am yet to find a suitable background picture. I can think of a few, but I'd need to crop them or find one the right dimensions: easier said than done. I am also open to main page ideas, as I guess I've probably said three or four times now.

Oh, and just to let you know, the Spotlight request has been accepted and should be going up sometime today. I hope. Good luck finding it, though.

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