Hey everyone. Lately I have been striving to reach 200 pages, for one very specific reason. To get a Spotlight. I have ensured that all the pages are over 300 bytes, and I have met all the other requirements. We are able to request a Spotlight. Which I have done. Just a matter of time, now. Any religious people (who wouldn't be playing this game due to its strong religious themes) can start praying now.

EDIT: For those who didn't know, Spotlights advertise wikis down the bottom of every page. Below the point where the Toolbar stops moving down, there are three ads for random wikis which are *supposedly* related. Not really, but anyway. It's taking a long time for the Staff in charge to check. They're supposed to check once a week. She did a dozen or so on the 2nd of May, but recently she did one on the 10th and left it. So it could be 4 or so days more before we get a response. Unfortunately, in 4 or so days my laptop will be gone, so won't know till the end of the month. More on my situation in a blog later today/tomorrow (for English editors).

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