Hi all, and good news! As I said in my last post, which no one appears to have seen yet, our spotlight request was accepted and it has now gone up. And I just happened to be lucky enough to see it at the bottom of a page on our own wiki (as you can tell from the theme)!

UPDATE: Holy crap! Yesterday, with the Spotlight up, we went from the usual 900 or so views up to 4000!


Our spotlight! :D

If you can't read it, perfectly possible given that the screenshot's not great quality, it says:

Pandora's Tower Wiki

Explore the 13 towers of Elyria

I didn't choose the picture or the caption, the people from the tech team chose it, but they did a pretty good job given that most likely they've never even heard of the game! Just don't blame me if you don't like it.

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