Hey guys.

Thanks to an excellent suggestion by Revitalizer, I think it was, I have decided that it would probably be a great idea for the three wikis for the games of Operation Rainfall to become affiliates. This won't change much, but (hopefully) it will promote cross-travel, meaning that visitors to the other wikis will visit our wiki, and our visitors will visit theirs in return. Now, on all these wikis I have done something Op Rainfall related, and you should all already know what it is anyway. So Xenoblade Wiki, The Last Story Wiki and Pandoras Tower Wiki shall all become affiliates.

If there are any problems with this, you have about 21ish hours to post on this blog, which will be on all three wikis. That is when I will put this into action. Or when I get a chance. Any questions I will also answer to the best of my ability, although I'm not too sure of what I'm doing myself.

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