Hello all - and goodbye. This blog is to tell you all of my temporary leave from Wikia which begins tomorrow. Unfortunately, my school laptop (which I use for Wikia) is being taken back by the school for a service. For some reason, the school is convinced that we must hand it in two weeks before Lenovo, the company providing the service, comes out to check them. It takes one day, yet my school is making me hand it in 2 weeks early to "minimise disruption to your child's (me) learning". Knowing my school, even though it's only going to take one day, I probably won't get it back for a week afterwards because they take forever to return them to the students. Some of my friends originally got their laptops over a week after I recived mine.

But I digress (I love that word, sounds so cool). Basically, no Chat and no major editing for minimum two weeks. I'll try to edit when I can on my other laptop, but I have to share that with two brothers.

Heh. Some of you probably wonder why I bothered making a blog for this. Editors come and go in days. But hey, I'm the only active Admin here, I'm a Bureaucrat, I'm top of the Leaderboard, I was the first editor here (who actually did anything helpful, compared to the founder who wrote two sentences about Ende/Aeron), I keep telling you all to talk to me on Chat AND I'm awesome. So there. No wondering. I made it because I feel like it and I'm awesome enough to do so. Bye!

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