Hello everyone. I can actually write Blogs again now, because we have more than 3 frequent editors. Although I'm not sure how often the other editors check. Still, one thing you all should know is that I tend to write a lot of Blogs, especially ones with the word "Stuff" in the title. I use that for blogs which address more than 1 issue. Anyway, as I'm sure some of you will have noticed, I have recently made a number of changes with some major aspects of Wikis on this one.

Firstly, I have finally gotten around to fixing that slideshow on the front page. Since there was no way for me to fit a map of Imperia in the picture and no other real pictures of it I could choose from, I have changed that tab to Masters with my Masters collage picture.

I have also done some small changes in the layout of the front page, with the Welcome to Pandoras Tower Wiki section now above the slider. I have also moved the Operation Rainfall section to the bottom of the main part of the page and changed it to the Featured Article section so often seen on Wikia. The only problem is that as of yet, we have no Operation Rainfall page. I'll get around to it eventually. Another job on my list. I also need to make a page for the Affiliates of this wiki, but To-do list.

I wouldn't make a whole blog just for a few edits I made on the front page, (okay, maybe I would) but I didn't. I also have done quite a bit of editing to the Community section of the Nav Bar. We now have a few extra links under Special Pages, a new sub-tab for Pages with a number of Special Pages related to pages that need work and a link to some Template categories and pages. We also have a sub-tab for Affiliates and then Op Rainfall. Both of which I will get to. Eventually.

The final thing I wanted to point out is of little significance to most people viewing this, since it either won't affect them or they will have seen this. But I have edited the welcome message a bit, just so that this wiki doesn't have the same boring message as most wikis. To make it interesting, and since I'm Australian, I thought I'd give an Aussie greeting. Just for a bit of fun.

That's all. This is probably my longest blog (excluding the Xenoblade Easter pic Blog). Also, don't forget to join the Chat if you want to ask me something. I will always join if there's someone there (when I'm on) and I will often ask someone to join me when I see them editing. Until next Blog!

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