Okay, so we've still got suggestions for Enemy names, and someone tried to change the name just within the content of the page. Now I've got no problem with suggestions. However, a bit more info in regards to enemy pages.

Originally, when the enemy pages were created, they had the official name. I couldn't find a source and decided we'd make our own names. As I recently found out, the official names came from the Guidebook. We'd already renamed many of the enemies, and based on the fact that some enemies have names provided by texts in the English versions that don't match the JP names, we chose to keep the names. Using names like Evolve and the strange names provided for the Masters will just confuse people. The official names will be added in brackets to the pages.

Now it has been pointed out often that the game draws heavily on Greek mythology for inspiration, even the title Pandora's Tower is a Greek Myth. But there is influence from other mythologies, and while Greek may be preferable, some enemies may not fit in. Someone mentioned Norse, someone else a Celtic resemblance.

So in summary, feel free to suggest names. However, don't restrict them to Greek mythology, and don't try and sub in the name, allow me to change the page title and fix up other links. If a name seems more relevant or adequate, I will choose it, not just the newest or oldest name. And if an enemy is named in-game, it won't be renamed.

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