Tower Texts are one of the three types of texts. Most are found within the towers, and they generally provide information about the tower they were found in or the enemies found in that tower.

Text Tower Floor Location
The Sealing Chains Treetop Tower 3F Chest in the room west of the central room
Treetop Master Treetop Tower 4F In the room south of the Master's chamber
Treetop: In bloom Treetop Tower 1F In the room north of the central room
Treetop: Thorns Treetop Tower 4F East of the room in front of the Master's chamber
Treetop: Plant food Treetop Tower 3F South of the central room, on the raised platform
Treetop: Wasp study Treetop Tower 2F Southwest corner of the central room
Treetop: Purple mist Treetop Tower 3F In the room north of the central room, accessed via lift
Sheerdrop: The Lifts Sheerdrop Spire 1F
Sheerdrop: On Ore Sheerdrop Spire 2F
Sheerdrop: Gold Ore Sheerdrop Spire 2F
Sheerdrop: Explosion Sheerdrop Spire 3F
Sheerdrop Master Sheerdrop Spire 4F
Wellspring: The Wheel Wellspring Steeple 2F
Wellspring: My Fish Wellspring Steeple 4F
Wellspring Master Wellspring Steeple 4F
Wellspring: Water Gate Wellspring Steeple 2F
Crimson Keep: Torches Crimson Keep 1F
Crimson Keep: Red Beasts Crimson Keep 2F
Crimson Keep: The Tiger Crimson Keep 3F
Crimson Keep: The Vents Crimson Keep 4F
Crimson Keep: The Furnace Crimson Keep 1F
Crimson Keep Master Crimson Keep 4F
Ironclad: Expansion Ironclad Turret 1F
Ironclad: The Lifts Ironclad Turret 2F
Ironclad Master Ironclad Turret 1F

Goddess towers

Text Tower Floor Location
Arcadian: Toxic Moths Arcadian Tower 1F In the room northeast of the central room
Arcadian: Thorns Arcadian Tower 2F
Arcadian Master Arcadian Tower 3F
Rockshard: Mining Rockshard Rampart 1F
Rockshard Master Rockshard Rampart 3F
Rockshard: Minotaur Rockshard Rampart 4F
Torrent: Membrane Torrent Peak 2F
Torrent: Restoration Torrent Peak 2F
Torrent Master Torrent Peak 5F
Blazing Master Blazing Citadel 1F
Blazing: Queen Moth Blazing Citadel 1F
Blazing: A Crack Blazing Citadel 3F
Truegold: Hammers Truegold Tower 3F
Truegold: Enhanced Truegold Tower 4F
Truegold Master Truegold Tower 5F

Blacklight Badican

Text Tower Floor Location
Blacklight Masters Dawn Tower 5F
Blacklight: Vortexes Dusk Tower 2F
Blacklight: Controls Dusk Tower 2F
Blacklight: Stones Dusk Tower 4F
Centrum: The Fulcrum Dusk Tower 5F

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