Torrent Peak
Torrent Peak
Vital statistics
Element Water
Tower No. 8
No. of Floors 6
No. of Chains 3
No. of Chests 3
Rare Item Goddess tears
Time Found Morning
Enemies Fish
Previous Tower Next Tower
Rockshard Rampart Blazing Citadel

The Torrent Peak is one of the five Towers that can be accessed after defeating the Master of the Ironclad Turret. Its Goddess is the Goddess of Water, meaning that this Tower has lots of water puzzles and enemies like Wellspring Steeple, as well as a fairly similar layout to that Tower.

This Tower has a Waterwheel, just like Wellspring Steeple, but unlike that Tower, this Waterwheel won't keep moving. It only moves as long as you pull the block out, for the second you release it, the waterwheel will slow down and stop. This means you have to rotate it to the correct place and use the poles sticking out (which are much closer together than the first Waterwheel) to swing up to the next level.

It also has the room with the column of water on one of the highest floors; however, this column of water is spinning around, rather than going up. Two fishes are found in this tower whereas there is only one in Wellspring Steeple. This means that the rocks travel around rather than up and coming back down. You just have to use the Oraclos Chain to climb up to the rock at the correct height and then let go when you're above the right bridge.



Torrent Symbol

The symbol of the Goddess of Torrent Peak.


See Master of the Torrent Peak

Master of Torrent Peak

Official Art of the Master of Torrent Peak.