Stygian stone
Stygian Stone
Shatter to unleash the powerful dark energy within it.
Vital statistics
Type Use
Effects Unleashes dark energy over a wide area.
Source Found in the Dusk Tower
Cost to buy N/A
Sell price 100
This stone is found in the dark moss growing on the walls in the Dusk Tower and in crates in that same Tower, although it is more rare than the Shade stone. This stone is a much more powerful version of the Shade stone. This stone, like many dark items/enemies, has a light counterpart: the Luminous stone, a powerful version of the Light stone.

This stone has a few dark related abilities. For one, it can reactivate dark portals in the Dawn Tower which don't have enough power to teleport you to the corresponding vortex in the Dusk Tower. However, it will also deactivate a working light vortex in the Dusk Tower, so be careful to use the correct stone. It also has the ability to knock out and deal heavy damage to the enemy Light Knight fought in the Dawn Tower.

It can also be used to damage the Dawn Tower's Master if you've already defeated the Dusk Tower's Master.


Methods of Creation Needed
Method 1

1x Shade stone

1x Black droplet

Method 2

1x Shadow ore

1x Black droplet

Method 3

1x Lightshade shard

3x Black droplet


Method Amount
Stake: 10 x1


  • The word "Stygian" is an adjective which describes something related to the River Styx, a river in the Ancient Greek Underworld ruled by Hades. The underworld is the place for the dead, making it a very dark place. This is where the name for this stone would have come from.

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