Servant Beast Symbol

Servant Beasts are ferocious creatures that roam in the Thirteen Towers in search of prey. Each beast is different from the others, ranging between little two-legged creatures to huge living plants. These monstrosities are the product of various experiments made on animals and plants inside the towers for warlike purpose. Most of them have a symbol similar to the one belonging to the Gods of Aios on their skin or armor.

List of Servants Beast for Each TowerEdit

Treetop Tower

Treetop Tower Symbol
OgreYellow HornetHoneycombDroseraNepenthes

Sheerdrop Spire

Sheerdrop Spire Symbol

OgreHarpyWolfBlack WolfBat

Wellspring Steeple

Wellspring Steeple Symbol


Crimson Keep

Fire Keep Symbol

OgreRed BeastWolf

Ironclad Turret

Ironclad Turret Symbol

Armored OgreOgre KnightSkull Knight

Arcadian Tower

Arcadian Tower Symbol


Rockshard Rampart

Rockshard Rampant Symbol

RocMinotaurRed Salamander

Torrent Peak

Torrent Peak Symbol

Armored OgreOgre KnightSkull KnightMembrane

Blazing Citadel

Blazing Cytadel Symbol

Armored OgreMoth QueenFlame Beast

Truegold Tower

Truegold Tower Symbol

Armored OgreOgre KnightSkull KnightHornetBalzee

Blacklight Barbican

Blacklight Barbican Symbol

Armored OgreOgre WarriorSkull KnightLight KnightDark Knight

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