Sage stone
Sage Stone
Life-giving stone that keeps the gravely-wounded bearer alive.
Vital statistics
Type Equipment
Effects Revives Aeron upon death when equipped.
Source Found throughout the Towers
Bought from Mavda
Given by Elena when Affinity reaches certain level
Cost to buy 3000
Sell price 300
This item is found in the many of the Towers, but it can also be bought from Mavda or given to you by Elena. If you equip it on the equipment screen, it will revive you once if you die. It takes up one slot. They should be saved for a Master that you are having difficulty with. Only three can be held in your Bag at a time.

It can also be received as a Reward from Mavda for selling 250 Leots worth of Flesh from the Wellspring Steeple in one go to her.


Method of Creation Needed
Method 1

1x Mercury

1x Bodily fluid

1x Ambrosia

1x Crystal ore

Method 2

1x Dark matter

1x Okanos stone

5x Mercury

1x Crystal ore