Rockshard Rampart
Rockshard Rampart
Vital statistics
Element Earth
Tower No. 7
No. of Floors 6
No. of Chains 3
No. of Chests 3
Rare Item Shadow ore
Time Found Morning
Enemies Roc; Minotaur; Pillbug
Previous Tower Next Tower
Arcadian Tower Torrent Peak

The Rockshard Rampart is one of the five Towers that can be completed in any order after defeating the Master of the Ironclad Turret. Its Goddess is the Goddess of Earth, meaning that like Sheerdrop Spire, this Tower is basically made of rocks and filled with crystals and minerals sticking out of the walls.

The Tower is filled with blue crystals which can be grappled to, as well as those rocks which will stick in the shiny light blue surfaces first seen in Sheerdrop Spire. However, this time some of those rocks are bigger, too big to stick in the blue surfaces at first. These will shatter into two parts the first time they hit a wall. This means that you can have two rocks stuck in those blue surfaces at once. However, if one of these rocks is lost, you will have to go get another big rock to shatter and start again, for as soon as you pull out a big rock the two little rocks will disappear.



Rockshard Symbol

The symbol of the Goddess of the Rockshard Rampart.


See Master of the Rockshard Rampart

Master of Rockshard Rampart

Official Art of the Master of Rockshard Rampart.