Each of the first ten Towers has a unique rare item that can be found within it, at a certain time of day. Most of them are obtainable exclusively this way, though some can be bought or crafted as well. The last three towers do not have rare items.

After completing a tower, Mavda begins to give hints about the time, and sometimes the location, of the item in the completed tower. Re-visiting a tower and then talking to her will cause her to repeat the hint.

The times of day are as follows:

  • Dawn/Morning [06:00-09:00]
  • Day/Afternoon [09:00-15:00] (No rare items are found during this time)
  • Evening/Sunset [15:00-21:00]
  • Night [21:00-03:00]

It can be worthwhile to attempt to earn Rewards when searching for rare items.


Tower Item Time of appearance Can be bought? Can be crafted?
Treetop Tower Dawn chorus Dawn/Morning [06:00-09:00] No No
Sheerdrop Spire Fire ore Night [21:00-03:00] No No
Wellspring Steeple Permafrost Night [21:00-03:00] No Yes
Crimson Keep Sacred ashes Night [21:00-03:00] No No
Ironclad Turret Abyss ingot Night [21:00-03:00]

Or maybe

Evening/Sunset [15:00-21:00]

Yes Yes
Arcadian Tower Setting sun Evening/Sunset [15:00-21:00] No No
Rockshard Rampart Shadow ore Dawn/Morning [06:00-09:00] No No
Torrent Peak Goddess tears Dawn/Morning [06:00-09:00] No Yes
Blazing Citadel Explosive powder Night [21:00-03:00] No No
Truegold Tower Steel ingot Night [21:00-03:00] No Yes