Power stone
Power Stone
A stone brimming with power, it serves to enhance attacks.
Vital statistics
Type Equipment
Effects Boosts strength by 1
Source Found throughout the Towers
Cost to buy N/A
Sell price 120
Description A power stone that has been broken, it no longer contains any special properties.
Effect None
Sell price 12
Repair cost 300
This stone takes up two slots. It is the opposite of the Guard stone, being red instead of green and increasing attack instead of defence. However, they are both the same shape.

It can be recieved from Elena when you reach affinity level 6 or can also be received as a Reward from Mavda for selling 300 Leots worth of Flesh from the Treetop Tower in one go to her.


Method of Creation Needed
Method 1

2x Mercury

2x Diamond

Method 2

1x Mercury

1x Phoenix stone


Item Method No. Needed
Strongarm band Method 1 x3
Spur band Method 1 x2
Skill band Method 1 x2

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