The Pillbug (name unofficial) is an invertebrate servant that at first looks like an average pillbug but then takes off its mask to reveal its real face. It is found in the Rockshard Rampart in a lot of places and dropped by Rocs. Its mask protects it so either attack with your weapon or use the chain from behind.

It attacks by curling up and jumping at Aeron which make it hard to hit and annoying in groups. It also has an attack where it gets up, takes apart its mask and shocks Aeron causing paralysis.

Note that the official art to the right is extremely misleading; it is actually very small, but that makes it look taller than Aeron.


Heavy coins / Crystal ore (if pulled out:body)

Sticky mud / Copper coins (If attacked) {Usually 50 or more Leots, which is noteable because most enemies drop very few. However, you must use your chain to pull. If you slash the dead body it doesn't give the higher amount of coins.}

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