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This wiki is devoted to compiling information on the Nintendo title Pandora's Tower. This game was released on the 12 April 2012 in Australia, 13 April 2012 in Europe and 16 April 2013 in North America.

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Pandora's Tower

Pandora's Tower is a Japanese Action-RPG (Role-Playing-Game) for the Nintendo Wii. It was never going to be released in America. While it still hasn't been officially announced, it is still quite possible that it will, especially since the other two games in the operation are coming later this year.

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Featured Media: Trailers

The first two trailers came out shortly before the European/Australian release.
Pandora's Tower - Official Pre-Launch Trailer

Pandora's Tower - Official Pre-Launch Trailer

The 1st English trailer, released 21 March, 2012.


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Featured Article: Operation Rainfall

Operation Rainfall is a fan campaign attempting to persuade Nintendo of America to localise three Japanese RPGs for the Nintendo Wii. It is commonly abbreviated as OpRa. The three games, Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower, have all been released in Europe and Australia now. They have all been well received by fans and critics alike. Have a look at the wikis for the other games; Xenoblade Wiki and The Last Story Wiki. Read more...


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