Heals all wounds. Its formula is a Grade A military secret.
Vital statistics
Type Use
Effects Completely restores health.
Source Found throughout the Towers

Bought from Mavda

Cost to buy 800
Sell price 80
Description Impure panacea, but it remains a potent medicine.
Effect Restores a large amount of health
Sell price 8
Repair cost 200
It can also be received as a Reward from Mavda for selling 400 Leots worth of Flesh from the Sheerdrop Spire in one go to her.


Methods of Creation Needed
Method 1

3x Dryad berry

2x Nymph water

2x Medicinal moss

1x Bodily fluid

Method 2

4x Dryad berry

3x Nymph water

4x Medicinal moss

4x Mercury


  • In Greek mythology, Panacea was the goddess of healing and universal remedy.
    • A "Panacea" is a remedy supposed to heal all diseases and prolong life. It was named after the Greek goddess and is much sought after by alchemists.

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