Old wood
Old Wood
A broken part of something larger. Perhaps Elena knows more?
Vital statistics
Type Gift
Effects Seems familiar to Elena if given to her...
Source Found on the third floor of the Centrum
Cost to buy N/A
Sell price  ???
This piece of old wood can be given to Elena after completing the game, raising affinity by two fully segments, being the gift that raises affinity the most. When you give it to her, she will state that it seems somehow familiar. This item is unique and can be obtained only once in the entire playthrough, no matter how many times the Centrum is visited.

Part of something larger...Edit

2012-07-06 00.16.15

Ruben's wooden horse. It's ironic that This boy perishes under real horse hooves...

This old wood was actually once one of the legs of Ruben's toy horse. After Ruben's death, his mother (later Zeron) had only this to remember him by. The old wood is the only piece that findable through the ages.

Depending on when you give it her, Elena will either find it vaguely familiar or she will somehow recognize it stating that it belongs to "someone else memory" and she will take good care of it.

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