Ogre Warrior
The Cyclope Warrior (name unofficial) is an enemy similar to the Cyclope, Cyclope Knight and the Cyclope Knight in that it is bipedal and has the same general build.

It is the third strongest of the four, being stronger than the Cyclope but weaker than the Cyclope Knight and the Skull Knight. It carries a weapon on its right arm just like the Knights. It also has a spike on its left fist, but it doesn't use this much in combat. Unlike the other three, the CyclopeWarrior has a brown/red theme. The others have metallic colours: grey, gold and silver.


Dripping Flesh / Pulsating Flesh (if pulled out:body)

Beast flesh / Beast fang (if pulled out:head)

Beast flesh  / Lump of metal (if pulled out:arms)

Lump of metal / Bodily fluid (if attacked)

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