The Ogre is an enemy fought in most of the Towers. The name is unofficial. It is first fought in the Treetop Tower. It isn't overly strong, and it is similar in battle to the Ogre Knight, Ogre Warrior and Skull Knight (All members of the Ogre Family'), although this is the only one of the group without a weapon (Basic form), making it the weakest of the four. Therefore it is the first of these enemies that you will verse. There is a stronger, slightly armoured version which is first found in the Sheerdrop Spire and often carries a basic sword which can be yanked away with the Chain. It can pick the sword back up if it goes near it. Grappling this sword and spinning it can be kept up forever: You never lose chain strength.

Armored Ogre

It has an attack where it moves away from you before jumping and turning into a ball, then rolling in a fairly straight line to where you were as it began the attack. If you get near it will try swiping at you with it's arms. The armoured version attacks by slashing you with it's sword or charging into you with it.

Drops Edit


Normal(Purple Mist):

Armoured type:

Armoured type (Purple Mist):

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