Nymph water
Nymph Water
A commonly-found deep blue elixir brewed by the military
Vital statistics
Type Material
Effects N/A
Source Found throughout the Towers

Bought from Mavda

Cost to buy 60
Sell price 6
Description Dirty nymph water that is in no state to be used.
Effect N/A
Can't be used in Creation
Sell price 1
Repair cost 15


Methods of Creation Needed
Method 1 2x Dryad berry


Item Method Amount
Medicine Method 1 x1
Elixir Method 1 x2
Elixir Method 2 x1
Remedy Method 1 x2
Panacea Method 1 x2
Medicinal moss Method 1 x3
Panacea Method 2 x3
Vestran water Method 1 x2
Ambrosia Method 1 x3
Mercury Method 2 x1
Mercury Method 3 x1
Medicine Method 2 x1
Oil Method 1 x1
Goddess tears Method 1 x4
Goddess tears Method 1 x1
Tanned leather Method 1 x1
Permafrost Method 1 x5
Tough pelt Method 1 x1
Large bone Method 1 x1
Beast fang Method 1 x1
Oil Method 3 x1
Oil Method 4 x1
White droplet Method 1 x1

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