Moth Queen

The Moth Queen is a type of Moth fought in the Blazing Citadel. It is first fought when Aeron enters the first room in the Tower, which is pitch black. The moth flies down, surrounded by regular moths.

The Moth Queen itself doesn't deal much damage, but it is hard to damage. It will send the smaller moths flying in a line at you, which is fairly hard to avoid. The Moth Queen is hard to reach with your weapon, and the Oraclos Chain cannot harm it regularly because it releases red scales which hover in the air around it. These deflect the Chain. The only way to grapple it is to grapple a moth and throw it at the scales, which will light them all up and they will burn into nothing. However, even with the scales gone, it is quite hard to defeat it because as soon as you grapple it, although it will fall to the ground, the moths will again fly at you, hitting you and causing the chain to relinquish its grasp on the Moth Queen. It won't be long before the Queen begins dropping the scales again.

Yanking it will reward you with a inferno bomb.

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