Lump of metal
Lump of Metal
It's hard to tell what this common item was originally a part of.
Vital statistics
Type Material
Effects N/A
Source Found throughout the Towers

Bought from Mavda

Cost to buy 300
Sell price 30


Method of Creation Needed
Method 1

1x Mercury

5x Sticky mud

1x Crystal ore 

Method 2

1x Mercury

3x Crystal ore

Method 3

1x Fire ore

1x Crystal ore


Item Method Amount
Explosive ore Method 1 x1
Detonation ore Method 1 x3
Strongarm band Method 1 x1
Bulwark band Method 1 x1
Lifeforce band Method 1 x2
Chainmail tunic Method 1 x5
Detonation ore Method 2 x1
Detonation ore Method 3 x1
Mercury Method 2 x3
Mercury Method 3 x1
Abyss ingot Method 1 x5
Explosive ore Method 2 x1
Detonation ore Method 3 x3
Abyss ingot Method 2 x3
Abyss ingot Method 3 x1
Amulet Method 1 x1
Shield talisman Method 1 x1
Aegis steel Method 1 x5
Rainbow bracelet Method 1 x1
Amber bracelet Method 1 x1
Pure band Method 1 x1
Farsight band Method 1 x1
Skill band Method 1 x1


Method Amount
Sword: 1 x1
Sword: 2 x1
Sword: 3 x1
Sword: 4 x3
Sword: 8 x2
Twinblades: 3 x2
Twinblades: 6 x2
Scythe: 2 x1
Stake: 1 x1
Stake: 4 x5
Stake: 10 x8

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