Light Knight
The Light Knight (name unofficial) is a fairly powerful enemy fought in the Dawn Tower. It, and its dark counterpart the Dark Knight (fought in the Dusk Tower), have both ranged and hand-to-hand attacks. It does not stand, but it hovers over the ground (unless you grapple its wings.)

It is dangerous to attack this enemy simply with your weapon, for it is dangerous at close range. It is easy to dodge its ranged attack (which consists of a boomerang throw), but you should restrain it before going in close. By grappling it with the Oraclos Chain, it will be unable to attack, so either charge the chain up and yank it out or run in and use your weapon.


Head: Light stone/Luminous stone (?)

Body: Pulsating flesh or Dripping flesh

Wings: White droplet or (?)

Shiny: Light stone  

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