A Harpy (name unofficial) is an eagle like enemy which is fought in the Sheerdrop Spire. It is similar to the Roc, except that the Roc is fought in the Rockshard Rampart. It looks like a mutated eagle with a face above what would seem to be the head but is more of a chin; this could mean it may be some form of a hybrid, similar to the Harpies in mythology. Those are monsters which are half-bird and half-human. It attacks by dropping crystals found in the tower and used for grappling with the chain. If these hit they will damage Aeron. After they have released their crystals they will then swoop in and try to attack Aeron with their vicous talons. They're usually found outside of the tower or in rooms with a wide space.


(Sheerdrop Spire)

Beast flesh / Heavy coins(if pulled out)

Copper coins / Silver coins (if attacked)

(Rockshard Rampart)

Beast flesh / Amethyst(if pulled out)

Strange grains / Amethyst(if attacked)

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