Flame Beast
The Flame Beast (official name unknown, any suggestions?) is an enemy similar to the Tiger . It appears to have lava in or under its skin and scales, and as can be guessed from the title or colour scheme, it is found in the two fire Towers (Crimson Keep and Blazing Citadel).

it attacks by using his claws to swipe at Aaron, it can also breath fire and his foot steps are aflame. Thouching the fire puddles the creature leaves behind will result in a burn.

The best strategy to chain up his body then used charged attacks. (or just pull until the chain is golden then yank)


Dripping Flesh / Pulsating Flesh (if pulled out :body)

Dripping Flesh / Explosive ore(if pulled out :head)

Dripping Flesh / Gunpowder (if pulled out :tail)

Gunpowder / Tough pelt (if attacked)

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