A Drosera is a plant-like enemy, fought in the Treetop Tower and the Arcadian Tower. A sub-variety is in each tower with a slightly different name, but nearly no differences (Treetop: Drosera Minenwerfer and Arcadian: Drosera Nebelwerfer). It spits a group of three seeds at you when you are within range. They are extremely weak, and will usually die after one hit or one yank of the Oraclos Chain. They can often be defeated without even pulling, dieing the second you grapple them. They are, however, rather annoying when there is a group of them or when you are trying to focus on a stronger enemy. It is recommended that these be dealt with before tackling the larger monsters.


Dryad berry / Strange grains (if pulled out:body)

Strange grains / Dryad berry (if attacked)

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