Dried-out flesh
Dried-out flesh
Dessicated beast flesh, it smells foul and lacks power.
Vital statistics
Type Flesh
Effects Doesn't help the curse at all.
Source Returning to the Towers with any type of Flesh in your bag.
Cost to buy N/A
Sell price 10
Dried-out flesh is only obtainable by returning to the Towers with any Servant Flesh in your bag. To avoid this, either sell the Flesh or feed it to Elena. Dried-out flesh is useless, since Mavda pays next to nothing for it. It is the Flesh with the least amount of power over the curse. It only restores the timer to halfway.

Note: You cannot return to the towers while carrying Master flesh, so while it will never dry out, you also can never continue to play without giving the flesh to Elena.

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