Crimson key
Crimson Key
A key decorated in crimson, it appears to belong to the army.
Vital statistics
Type Use
Effects Opens locked doors in the Towers
Source Bought from Mavda after completing the game
Cost to buy 500
Sell price Can't sell

The crimson key is a key that can only be bought from Mavda after you have finished the game for 500 Leots. Throughout the Towers there are a number of locked doors which are red with gold vertical stripes. Once you have purchased this key, you are able to enter through these locked doors as long as you have the key in your bag. Usually there will be a Chest or some rare items, or even both, inside. Also, this key can be used to access a locked room in Sheerdrop Spire which contains the fourth weapon, the Explosive Stake.

NOTE: Although this key is in the Use tab of the bag, it cannot be used in the quick use bar.