• Tranquilla

    Help wanted

    January 10, 2015 by Tranquilla

    It's been nearly a year since we begun to translate lyrics for "Catenae Fortunae".

    Unfortunately I'm not really an expert about Latin language so it was not going very well.

    However, some kind person told me their suggestion and filled in blanks.

    but some words are undeciphered till now...

    Anyone who know much about Latin? I would appreciate if someone fix words.

    (words in parentheses are an unclear)

    "Catenae Fortunae"

    Sex luces, sex umbræ, duodecim gratiæ omnes

    Sex iræ (gladii sunt) ah ah ah ah

    (Ubique) lumina dominam tangunt

    (viri) vigos fervere aiunt 

    (mafu ru scire est pro fundo sum nullo)

    (umbrus scire) pauci (recte) 

    Anima palma maiora serva me

    præ miseria extingure me

    Cur (brilles) corda crescit

    Audite fortunæ… 

    Audite fortunæ, Catenæ Fortunæ! 

    Sex l…

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  • Tranquilla

    The trophy has comming!

    December 19, 2014 by Tranquilla

    Cool. I like this.

    I'm happy because Sakurai haven't forgotten them even now.

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  • Tranquilla

    This is an official art.

    But...where on earth did they bring that Christmas tree and ornaments? In the Observatory??

    Well... I don't quibble over details. Anyway, have a good day!

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  • Tranquilla

    Happy wedding

    November 23, 2013 by Tranquilla

    In my country,  November 22nd is called "good couples's day" . So I recommend this official art today. This drawing was appeared in a magazine on June 2012, and an illustrator contributed to this magazine's article. According to his comment, his most favorite art was  Elena wearing a Furisode (a kind of Kimono).
    (on this year this magazine published Pandora's tower arts every month and there were 9 arts in total. )

    And one more, there was Mavda's congratulatory message to Aeron and Elena in this article, too.
    I tried to translatelate her message. I am happy if you are satisfied.
    (I beg you will excuse my clumsy translation)

    ・Message from Mavda and Old man for Aeron and Elena

    "Oh dear, you are all dressed up today, aren't you?
    I remember our young…

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  • Tranquilla

    Change Notes

    November 4, 2013 by Tranquilla

    Recenty, I saw the website for "The Sea of Monsters" movie on the internet.
    It looked so interesting because I like the Greek mythology (except some tragic stories in it).

    That reminds me, in the Pandora's tower,
    there are some words derived from foreign mythology includes Ancient Greek.
    As you know, somehow many words were changed when this game was localized.

    I made a list for these changed words as I know.

    ・Imperia→The Graecia continent
    ・The Vestra→The Dvergr
    ・Oraclos Chain→Orichalcum Chain

    (these words aren't come from the Ancient  mythology but I added them for now)

    ・In the Aeron's flash…

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  • Tranquilla

    I  finished (?) translating the lyrics for Zeron's final form theme, "Requiem for Zeron".

    Please don't be mad at me if there are mistakes in this translation...

    (Note: Again, this lyrics is NOT official and I used a forced interpretation for some words. I hope you will be able to think of these unnatural sentences with an open mind )

    [ Lyrics in Latin ]

    Anima palma maiora serva me
    Anima palma maiora serva me

    (Mundiens credire?)
    (Umbrae si?) mors ex nostrae malae

    Aaudite fortune catenae fortunae

    [ Translation ]

    The soul, the great palm of  hands, save me 
    The soul, the 
    great palm of  hands, save me 

    purification is believing

    (shadow or)the death from our vice

    listen to fortune, with chain of fortune

    (Added) Jan. 10. 2015 Some kind person corrected my translat…

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  • Tranquilla

    I somehow finished translating the lyrics for Boss music a few months ago.
    But I'm not sure whether this is correct or not  : (

    (Note: This lyrics is NOT official and I used a forced interpretation for some words.
    I hope you will be able to think of these unnatural sentences with an open mind )

    Mar. 26. 2016
    DanRen11 corrected my translation again. Thanks!

    [Lyrics in Latin ]

    Arbor Flamma Terra Aqua Aurum Tenebrae Lux 
    Delectatio Laetus Ira Metus Tristitia

    Arbor Flamma Terra Aqua Aurum Tenebrae Lux 
    Delectatio Laetus Ira Metus Tristitia

    Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
    Non mihi non tibi sed futuro   

    Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
    Non mihi non tibi sed


    The tree,  The flame, The earth, The water, The gold, The darkness and the l…

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  • Tranquilla

    Lyrics for Boss music

    September 25, 2013 by Tranquilla

    Now I'm trying to translate lyrics for Catenae fortunae.

    But The work is not progressing at all. It's all,ancient Aiosian to me : (

    However, it seems to me that I heard some meaningful words in the Boss music.

    I added up my translate here, please point out if there are any other particular points.
    (Please note that this translation is just guesswork)

    This is the beginning of the Boss theme (Female type), "arbor summam(?) terra aqua alubm(?) tene(?) ferrus" means "Wood, collect, Earth, Water, White, hold, Metal".

    Oh no, it's not clear what this passage means yet. But I think that this sentence means Master's elements. However, I can't find "flame" in this sentence. Sigh...

    【Today's trivia】 The titles of the musics I could find


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    Stuck at 97%

    September 24, 2013 by LORD SADDLER

    So i've got all the endings, all text, and I'm at 97%. I think that the only thing that I'm missing is probably the first "on top of the observatory" cutscene (that is if it's not the one where Elena and Aeron do the Aios promise on top of the observatory). Even so I don't think that it could make me reach 100%

    Currently my affinity is grade A, 7/10 I think. I've actually unlocked another extra scene breaking the first chain of a tower while Elena was transformed, but that didn't add anything to the overall %. Any idea what I should do?

    Probably I should get max affinity, but I discovered that old wood isn't grindable (only one and that's it) and stacking money is awfully boring.

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  • Tranquilla

    lyrics for Catenae fortunae

    September 17, 2013 by Tranquilla

    I love Pandora's towers musics. And I especially like "Catenae fortunae" and boss music (boss music is named "The voice from dark abyss" by official). But lyrics for these music is sung in Latin, so I can't understand the meaning of lyrics : (

    I found a translation made by someone for Catenae fortunae, but it was only 4 bars at the beginning of the music. (Perhaps he gave up on it) 

    According to him , the lyrics of the beginning of Catenae fortunae is

    "sex luces, sex umbrae, duodecim gratiae sunt,"

    This sentence means "six lights, six shade, here on twelve grace".

    Now I'm trying to translate these lyrics, but It doesn't look like I have been able to complete it. 

    Ummm I should have studied Latin language...  

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  • Tranquilla

    Master's symbols

    September 7, 2013 by Tranquilla

    Please forgive my long silence!  I've been tied up lately...

    Today's topic is "Master's symbols".

    I found these images, but...

    I still haven't found a symbol for master of the Dusk tower  :(

    Someone, anyone, please tell me when you find her symbol...

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  • Tranquilla

    Elena's dress

    August 13, 2013 by Tranquilla

    Two years ago, many magazines took up an article about Pandora's tower.
    Recently, I found some illustrations for Pandora's tower in one of those magazines.

    Those illustrations were "rejected designs about Elena's dress".
    I wish I could have added the image to this Wiki, but I don't have a scanner...
    So I drew it myself.  I'm Sorry if it is far from your satisfactory.

    It was a his-and-hers clothes!
    I wonder why the Ganbarion staffs turned down this design...

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  • Tranquilla

    Official arts?

    July 8, 2013 by Tranquilla

    Dear Doom636

    I'm glad to receive your reply! Thanks : )

    I goofed...I confused official arts with fanarts.

    But the official arts is so good. I love all of them.

    【Today's recommendation】 I found this official art when I googled arts for Pandora's tower. 

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  • Tranquilla

    Tower's name

    July 5, 2013 by Tranquilla

    【caution】Today's topic is extremely trivial things, and a little spoiler

    Pandora's tower has been released in several countries and variable subtitles in different languages are available to use in this game.

    I 'm a little curious about it so I checked them. I think that the Spanish names looks so cool, even I don't know how pronounce them.

    English Italiano Español Deutsch 日本語
    Thirteen Towers Le Tredici Torri Trece Torres Die Dreizehn Türme 十三訃塔
    Treetop Tower Torre Alberata Torre Arbórea Laubschattenturm 大樹の塔
    Sheerdrop Spire Vetta a Strapiombo Obelisco Lapídeo Klammsaule 岩壁の塔
    Wellspring steeple Torre della Sorgente Torre Fontana Quellsteinwacht 湧水の塔
    Crimson Keep Torrione Rosso Guarida Escarlata Blutfried 紅蓮の塔
    Ironclad Turret Torretta Corozzata Tor…

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  • Tranquilla

    Fan arts

    June 22, 2013 by Tranquilla

    Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog. It was the first time I wrote my blog in my life. So forgive me if there are some strange sentences.

    Sometimes I check Xenoblade chronicles Wiki. On that Wiki, there are some amazing fanarts are put in a lot of page. I think it's a good idea, and...

    why don't we put fanarts for Pandra's tower in this wiki, too?  I want to see various arts, especially other's reccomendations.

    So I put my today's recommendation here. I would be glad if many people agree with my opinion : )


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  • Doom636

    Enemy Names

    June 3, 2013 by Doom636

    Okay, so we've still got suggestions for Enemy names, and someone tried to change the name just within the content of the page. Now I've got no problem with suggestions. However, a bit more info in regards to enemy pages.

    Originally, when the enemy pages were created, they had the official name. I couldn't find a source and decided we'd make our own names. As I recently found out, the official names came from the Guidebook. We'd already renamed many of the enemies, and based on the fact that some enemies have names provided by texts in the English versions that don't match the JP names, we chose to keep the names. Using names like Evolve and the strange names provided for the Masters will just confuse people. The official names will be adde…

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  • Doom636

    Happy Birthday!!

    September 12, 2012 by Doom636

    Happy Birthday to the wiki!!! It has now been a year since it's creation!!! I've We've achieved quite a lot in that time.

    Also, more important in general but less important to the wiki, it's my birthday too.

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  • Doom636

    VGT is holding a poll for who fans think should be the new addition to the Smash Bros. 4 character roster, and, naturally, Aeron is available for voting. The results of the poll are to be shown to the creator of the series, Masahiro Sakurai, so the winner has a good chance of getting in. So go - vote for Aeron, every day until the poll ends, as you can vote once a day. He's not doing too well just now, but if we can get him into the top 16, he'll move into the semifinals. Even better, if he gets in the game, there'll be more publicity for our game, in turn improving the publicity for the wiki and the chances of Operation Rainfall, even though by then we'll know whether or not it's coming to America.…

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  • Doom636

    My Profile Picture

    July 8, 2012 by Doom636

    Hey, you all know me and you've seen my profile picture. Well, since this has to do with my profile picture, which is related to this game, I thought I'd show you something. I've explained some stuff I've realised about my profile picture in a blog on another wiki. Please go see what I have to say. The interesting stuff starts after the Connections to the Triforce heading. Please go check. Although apart from KDTV, you guys might not get the ties to the other two games. Sorry.

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  • Doom636

    250+ Page Milestone

    June 25, 2012 by Doom636

    Congratulations everyone! ...Not that anyone else sems to be editing frequently. But anyway, we have now passed the 250 page milestone! That's something to be proud of.

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  • Tenguru

    Sorry for not being on!

    June 17, 2012 by Tenguru

    I've been too busy to go on lately sorry, hopefully will be back next week as my performance will be over! :)

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  • Doom636

    Our Spotlight

    June 14, 2012 by Doom636

    Hi all, and good news! As I said in my last post, which no one appears to have seen yet, our spotlight request was accepted and it has now gone up. And I just happened to be lucky enough to see it at the bottom of a page on our own wiki (as you can tell from the theme)!

    UPDATE: Holy crap! Yesterday, with the Spotlight up, we went from the usual 900 or so views up to 4000!

    If you can't read it, perfectly possible given that the screenshot's not great quality, it says:

    Pandora's Tower Wiki

    Explore the 13 towers of Elyria

    I didn't choose the picture or the caption, the people from the tech team chose it, but they did a pretty good job given that most likely they've never even heard of the game! Just don't blame me if you don't like it.

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  • Doom636

    Wiki Design

    June 13, 2012 by Doom636

    Hello all. To get started, here's something I made based on a similarity I noticed in the Artbook a while ago, a Master and a certain meme.

    Anyway, the main thing I've been thinking about recently is how we can improve the wiki. I've been looking around various wikis for new main page ideas, as well as considering any possible changes to the theme. I've noticed some pretty fancy headings, like at Mass Effect Wiki, but they seem pretty complex. Other than that, my main ideas for the Main page consist of a two column layout where each column is the same size, even if just for two sections. I think that that would be suitable for having the Featured Article and Featured Media next to each other. As for the theme, I am well aware that only I ca…

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  • Doom636

    I'M BACK!!

    May 31, 2012 by Doom636

    Just to let you all know, I'M BACK!!!! As you can tell from the title, I guess...

    Yeah, I guess I'm pretty lucky. I'm one of the 6 kids in my year who have their laptops back; everyone else gets theirs tomorrow. I just happened to be doing a Science thing which requires laptops/computers, so we got ours back early so we can work at home. No that I will this today, so no real point, but still...

    So yeah. Watch this Blog, because very soon I'll update it with the well-overdue Spotlight confirmation. If I get one.

    UPDATE: The request has been accepted! I'm not sure how long it will take for it to show up down the bottom, but anyway.

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  • Doom636

    Okay, well as you saw I recently wrote a Blog about the request for a Spotlight I made, and I can now confirm that it has been approved... sort of.

    There didn't seem to be any complaints about the Wiki, but the reply I received from Wendy (the staff who deals with Spotlights) said that since I'm the only Admin here and I'm unable to edit frequently that now wouldn't be a good time. Which is fair enough. So on Monday week after next. when I get my school laptop back (which I usually use) I am going to let her know on her Wall, and then we're in! As I said, I still can't visit frequently and I'm only on for a small time now. Sorry, guys.

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  • Doom636

    My Temporary Leave

    May 13, 2012 by Doom636

    Hello all - and goodbye. This blog is to tell you all of my temporary leave from Wikia which begins tomorrow. Unfortunately, my school laptop (which I use for Wikia) is being taken back by the school for a service. For some reason, the school is convinced that we must hand it in two weeks before Lenovo, the company providing the service, comes out to check them. It takes one day, yet my school is making me hand it in 2 weeks early to "minimise disruption to your child's (me) learning". Knowing my school, even though it's only going to take one day, I probably won't get it back for a week afterwards because they take forever to return them to the students. Some of my friends originally got their laptops over a week after I recived mine.

    But …

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  • Tenguru

    Frequent Contributers

    May 12, 2012 by Tenguru

    Who is frequently contributing to this wiki because we need all the help we can get? Please try and do atleast one thing- big or small on this wiki everyday! Id we tried it could really be something great!

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  • Doom636

    Enemy Artwork Source

    May 7, 2012 by Doom636

    Hello all. I'm fairly certain that most of you already know this, but for those who don't, there are some things about our enemies pages which should be known. Firstly, nearly all of the enemies have unofficial names which either one of us or another website made up. There are a few names given by in game texts, but only that: a few. One example is the Minotaur.

    Secondly, one of the websites with the largest Enemy artwork database I've seen is probably this one.

    Now, with that all done, does anyone have any ideas for names for those enemies who we have artwork for but not pages and names? Especially the two enemies fought in Blacklight, the Dark and the unknown guy. Dark is a terrible name which should be replaced.

    Hmm... now that I think abo…

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  • Doom636


    May 6, 2012 by Doom636

    Hey everyone. Lately I have been striving to reach 200 pages, for one very specific reason. To get a Spotlight. I have ensured that all the pages are over 300 bytes, and I have met all the other requirements. We are able to request a Spotlight. Which I have done. Just a matter of time, now. Any religious people (who wouldn't be playing this game due to its strong religious themes) can start praying now.

    EDIT: For those who didn't know, Spotlights advertise wikis down the bottom of every page. Below the point where the Toolbar stops moving down, there are three ads for random wikis which are *supposedly* related. Not really, but anyway. It's taking a long time for the Staff in charge to check. They're supposed to check once a week. She did a…

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  • Doom636

    Major Changes

    May 3, 2012 by Doom636

    Hello everyone. I can actually write Blogs again now, because we have more than 3 frequent editors. Although I'm not sure how often the other editors check. Still, one thing you all should know is that I tend to write a lot of Blogs, especially ones with the word "Stuff" in the title. I use that for blogs which address more than 1 issue. Anyway, as I'm sure some of you will have noticed, I have recently made a number of changes with some major aspects of Wikis on this one.

    Firstly, I have finally gotten around to fixing that slideshow on the front page. Since there was no way for me to fit a map of Imperia in the picture and no other real pictures of it I could choose from, I have changed that tab to Masters with my Masters collage picture. …

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  • HexObserver

    Enemies names

    April 29, 2012 by HexObserver

    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to say that in the Creative Uncut's Pandora's Tower gallery, they've put names in the enemies artworks. For example:

    So that can makes things easy, don't it?

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  • Doom636

    Bilingual Wikia

    April 25, 2012 by Doom636

    Hello everyone, all two of you. Who only check occasionally (no offence, I understand that everyone has stuff that must be done.) I just thought you might like to know:

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  • Doom636

    Well, I just posted about our wiki on the Wikis that need more editors or whatever it is on Community Central Wiki. Unfortunately... we're at the 221st place on the list. So... yeah. Not looking good. If we can get 200 pages we can apply for a spotlight banner, those things at the bottom. We're at 35.

    This wki will never get anywhere at this rate. I could probably rename it "Jake's guide to Pandora's Tower, with help and images from KDTV". Sorry, I just realised I don't even know your real name.

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  • Doom636

    Hey guys.

    Thanks to an excellent suggestion by Revitalizer, I think it was, I have decided that it would probably be a great idea for the three wikis for the games of Operation Rainfall to become affiliates. This won't change much, but (hopefully) it will promote cross-travel, meaning that visitors to the other wikis will visit our wiki, and our visitors will visit theirs in return. Now, on all these wikis I have done something Op Rainfall related, and you should all already know what it is anyway. So Xenoblade Wiki, The Last Story Wiki and Pandoras Tower Wiki shall all become affiliates.

    If there are any problems with this, you have about 21ish hours to post on this blog, which will be on all three wikis. That is when I will put this into a…

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