An enemy similar in appearance and battle to the Honeycomb, the Baalze sends Hornets (?) out of its many mouths. It does not actually attack for itself, but it slowly turns around. These faces must all be destroyed before you can destroy it. They can be yanked off or hit with your weapon. If you aren't bothered to destroy all the faces, you are able to yank at the Hornet that will stick out of one of the holes behind a face that has been destroyed. This usually defeats it.

The name is unofficial. It was given by a website, but we would like a better name. If you have an idea, suggest it in the comments below. I disapprove of the fact that it nearly has the same name as the Baalzes, even though they are completely unrelated.


Dripping Flesh / Bodily fluid (if pulled out:body)

Dripping Flesh / Pulsating flesh (if attacked)

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