Perfect attire for a spot of housework. An ideal gift.
Vital statistics
Type Gift
Effects Elena will wear it occasionally in the Observatory.
Source Chest, 1F Crimson Keep. Crimson Key required.
Cost to buy N/A
Sell price Can't sell

The apron is a dress which can be given to Elena as a gift. She will wear it at times. It is found in a chest in a locked room (which requires the Crimson Key, only available after completing the game, to open it) on the first floor of the Crimson Keep.

2012-07-06 00.46.32

Elena is pretty in pink and white. It makes you forget she can go monster on you...

Elena's reactionEdit

-Oh my! Is this pretty apron really for me? Can I try it on then?

Elena puts on the apron...

-Hee hee! Isn't it a lovely colour? And look at this lace! I've never worn anything like this before. I think it's going to make housework really fun!

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